Seeking Aline

Rokhaya Marieme Balde

IndieLisboa 2021 •

Switzerland, Senegal, Documentary, 2020, 27′

Aline Sitoe Diatta is a female Senegalese icon of resistance to French colonialism. Rokhaya Marieme Balde is the director who returns home, to Dakar, in order to make a film about this historical figure.

There are as many ways of telling stories in cinema as there are filmmakers and screenwriters in the world. Especially those who dare, with their talent and integrity, to risk other ways of doing it. This is definitely the case of filmmaker Rokhaya Marieme Balde who returns to Senegal to tell the story of the anti-colonization heroine Aline Sitoé Diatta. The memory of what took place is recovered and, collectively and sweetly, the legacy of an act of resistance committed three generations ago is investigated. (Ana David)