August 30 – September 5

IndieLisboa has had the ability to reinvent itself over its 18 years. In the last 5 years there has been a strong focus on the industry component, aimed at foreign professionals with the firm conviction that Portuguese cinema needs to be seen more and more in film festivals and in commercial cinemas around the world.

The details of films and projects will be available on the industry booklet, soon available for download.

Lisbon Screenings

Private screenings of a selection of new Portuguese films, shorts and features, for festival programmers, sales agents, international and local distributors and other international professionals. In 2020, the event had more than 100 professionals in attendance. Organised by Portugal Film – Portuguese International Film Agency, it is an activity that aims to give visibility to recent Portuguese cinema, still to be released, and promotes directors’ and producers’ contact with professionals of the international film industry. In 2021 the screenings will be held online.

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Portuguese Film Fund 

Created in 2011, the Portuguese Film Fund is a complementary tool to support the completion of Portuguese films (or in co-production), shorts and features, through the awarding of prizes for post-production and creation of original music. The ten selected projects (but only nine will compete) will appear before an international jury to present a pitch that will define the winners.

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PLOT is a professional script development lab, promoted in a partnership between Squatter Factory and IndieLisboa and the support of ICA – Portuguese Film Institute, where filmmakers from all over the world have the chance to broaden their narrative skills and enhance their creative voice. The 2021 edition includes producer Ada Solomon, script consultant Anna Ciennik and the Brazilian filmmaker Marcelo Gomes among the confirmed mentors.

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